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Charme International, is the manufacturer of the Charme MegaColors® pigments, which are made in the USA using the finest components approved in the U.S., the European Union as well as in other countries of Latin America.

The Charme MegaColors® pigments come in creamy, liquid pharmaceutical glycerin base.  They provide comfort to the technician during implantation stabilizing immediately on the skin and they not dry out or evaporate when exposed to the environment.

Charme MegaColors®
The Charme MegaColors® pigments are in great demand both in the cosmetic field as wellas the medical field.  They are manufactured under the strictest sanitary norms meeting the following requirements:
•    Non-toxic.
•    Do not contain alcohol.
•    Do not cause irritation of the tissues.
•    Sterile.
•    Consist primarily of inert ingredients (iron oxide, titanium dioxide).
•    No changes of density and color
•    Particle size greater than 6 microns, so that macrophages have more difficulty to ingest them and remain longer in the treated area.
•    Low solubility and stability

Charme Megacolors®

Registered trademark of Charme International.