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Charme International, where Art and Experience go hand in hand, was founded in 1992 and has always been at the vanguard of the permanent cosmetics industry.

Improving one’s appearance and body image can significantly impact self-confidence.

From immemorial times, the personal image in its widest sense and as a part of the body according to standards and cultural criteria, it has been an object of interest to search for new products, techniques, technologies and methods capable to offer improvement and a growing approach to perfection.

As part of this research and ongoing innovation, dermopigmentation as a process inherent to these purposes - both in cosmetic and medical applications, has experienced sustained development.

However, there is not enough with the existence of new and better technologies, pigments and products. In any field of human activity, including dermopigmentation, it is necessary to have the knowledge that allow us to apply not only what the ingenuity of others provide at our disposal for our work and at the same time, having the fundamentals underlying our activity.

This makes us professionals, capable of achieving the expectations of those who seek our services. Only then will we be in the correct path to transform our work in "Creation", our creation in "Art", our art in a "Distinctive Label".




MAY 26-28, 2018
Best Western Kendall Hotel & Suites
8560 SW 124th Avenue
Miami, FL 33183

Our classes are offered on a private and semi-private basis so space is limited! Please call and reserve your space early! A non-refundable deposit is required.

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Combo Course
Microblading & Rotating - 5 Day Course
· 2 Techniques in Microblading - Eyebrows - 3D and High Definition
· Rotating Dermopigmentation
- Outlining - Eyes and lips
· Includes Electric Dermograph, Student Kit,
Support Materials, BBP Florida License,
International Certificate
· Must bring a model

Blood Borne Pathogens & Communicable Diseases - 3 Hour Course
· Required for Tattoo Artist / Permanent Cosmetic License

Scalp Pigmentation - Male & Female
· Includes Support Materials, Latex Head
· International Certificate
· Must bring a model
Male (3 Day Course)
· Measurement
· Scars
· Shading
· Shaved Look
· And more
Female (2 Day Course)
· Measurement
· Shading
· Microhair
· And More

Microblading - 3 Day Course
· 2 Techniques - Eyebrows - 3D and High Definition
· Includes Student Kit, Support Materials, BBP Florida License, International Certificate
· Must bring a model

DermoDepigmentation - 1 Day Workshop
· Learn to remove/clarify unwanted procedures
· Do's & Dont's · Techniques
· Certificate
Color Correction - 1 Day Workshop
· Includes Support Materials, International Certificate
· Colorimetry
· Color Lab
· Techniques
· Must bring a model

Dermo Medical Esthetics
These courses are only available for:
Nurses - Cosmetologist - Full Specialist or Esthetician.

Plasma Fibroblast - 3 Day Course
· Includes Professional Kit, Support Materials, Demonstration, International Certificate
· Do's & Dont's · Techniques
· And More
Collagen Induction - 2 Day Course
· Includes Student Kit, Support Materials, Demonstration,
International Certificate


Charme International informs, educates, and keeps you up to date. Charme International, an educational institution founded in 1992, is a world renowned entity in Cosmetic Dermopigmentation and Dermo Medical Aesthetics. It was founded by Norma Olivera, Master Educator and one of the world's leading authorities in this field.


Our main goal is to offer the specialist in dermopigmentation under a professional vision to be a part of the team specialists of Charme, which is a guarantee of success for all professionals with international recognition.

Our intensive methods of education and ongoing research in this area are always at the vanguard and are a reference point for all specialists in this field from around the world. Not only attributed to a knowledge of new products but also various methods, new cutting edge techniques and trends in dermopigmentation.

Charme International will provide you with an enormous potential in everything that corresponds to this career taking into account each of the relevant aspects to this type of work. Everything from professional commitment, to ongoing and updated training, as well as the ability to provide the most proper attention to the customer.


The development of an enviable and profitable reputation starts with the right training. Our wide range of courses and workshops will boost your knowledge, confidence and business success. Your reputation as a skilled permanent cosmetic technician rests almost exclusively on your results.


Charme International is authorized by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation of Cosmetology of the state of Florida as a provider of continuing education (Lic. #PVD232).

Charme International is approved by the Health Department in the State of Florida to offer the required course on Blood Borne Pathogens & Communicable Diseases, needed to obtain a Tattoo/Permanent Cosmetic License in the State of Florida.

Charme International is an approved vendor for continuing education credits for the Department of Education of the State of Florida (Vendor ID# 650361535)


For those who reside in other states, cities, or countries that need accommodation, we have special rates for hotels near our training center.


Above you can find our current Education Calendar to learn more about the latest upcoming dates and courses available.


To make training more efficient and effective, and advance at a speed of your individual needs, our classes are private or semi-private — (2) students only. To reserve your spot, a non-refundable deposit is required. Balance is due on the first day of the class.

MODELS NEEDED FOR THE VARIOUS COURSES. For more info please contact us at

Completion of the Course

Upon completion of a course, there will be an assessment test to the student. The level of acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities will be measured to determine their suitability, and whether they are qualified professionally to carry out their practices in models and future clients.


Upon successful completion of a course or workshops, students will be awarded for public recognition of
their achievements as an expert specialist in this field.


The device is suited for cosmetics and Dermo Medical Esthetics application

Specialized Classes

After successfully completing the Basic training, you may decide to expand your knowledge and skills with specialized classes.

Eyelash extensions are a service that occupies a relevant place with great demand in the industry today!


· Learn the correct way to apply each lash, and how to create the perfect framework to the eyes
· Do's and Dont's · Techniques
· Includes Eyelash Kit, Support Materials, Demonstration,
International Certificate


"Eyebrow and eyelash tinting enhancement, it works for everyone!"
Learn one of the most popular and profitable add-on treatments you can offer.
It is easy to use and effective. Offers dramatic, long-lasting results your clients will love.
· Includes Student Kit, Support Materials, Demonstration,
International Certificate

Eyelash Lift — 4 hour COURSE

Enhance, add length, volume and lift to natural eyelashes!
This is a revolutionary and innovative lash treatment technique.
· Do's and Dont's · Techniques
· Includes Student Kit, Support Materials, Demonstration,
International Certificate


· Includes Student Kit, Support Materials, Demonstration,
International Certificate
· Must bring a model

Skin Rejuvenation
These courses are only available for:
nurses - cosmetologist - full specialist or esthetician.

· Collagen Induction
· Plasma Fibroblast

Corrective Pigment Camouflage
These procedures require advanced knowledge, training, skills, and experience in permanent cosmetics.
Refers to the process of pigmenting the skin, using different shades of flesh tone pigments in order to recreate a “normal” appearance.
· Scar · Vitiligo · Stretch marks

Areola Re-pigmentation

 · 3D  - Restores the natural looking color and shape effect after breast reconstruction.

 · Color Veil - Adds natural color as well, as improving symmetry to existing nipple and areola.

Contact us TODAY for MORE information regarding ADDITIONAL COURSES
AND CERTIFICATIONS WITH Charme International cosmetics in Miami, Florida.



Charme International, is the manufacturer of the Charme MegaColors® pigments, which are made in the USA using the finest components approved in the U.S., the European Union as well as in other countries of Latin America.

The Charme MegaColors® pigments come in a creamy, liquid pharmaceutical glycerin base.
They provide comfort to the technician during implantation stabilizing immediately on the skin and they not dry out or evaporate when exposed to the environment.

The Charme MegaColors® pigments are in great demand both in the cosmetic field as well as the medical field.
They are manufactured under the strictest sanitary norms meeting the following requirements:
•  Non-toxic  •  Do not contain alcohol  •  Do not cause irritation of tissues.
•  Sterile  •  Consist primarily of inert ingredients (iron oxide, titanium dioxide)
•  No changes of density and color  •  Low solubility and stability
•  Particle size greater than 6 microns, so that macrophages have more difficulty to
ingest them and remain longer in the treated area.

ArteStylo™ Microblading Pigments

The exclusive line of ArteStylo™ pigments designed for micro-bladding, is the result of extensive studies in composition, density and stability for this process. They have high density, are creamy, contain no alcohol or water and stabilize on the skin immediately. Made in USA with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, at our laboratories of
Charme International, under the strictest standards for security, they are at the forefront of the industry.


Charme International has a large assortment of dermopigmentation equipment, accessories and other products, making it your “one stop” for all your permanent cosmetics needs.  A sampling of our products is shown. 


Rotary Pen Devices
These are the most common devices used in the permanent cosmetic industry.  The pen type design is lightweight, minimizes vibrations and does not intimidate the client. This type of equipment is equipped with a system of protecting against reflows and they do not require maintenance.

Digital Device
The newest modality is most advance high quality digital technology and computerized. It is designed with touch screen for more accuracy, LCD power supply.  It uses a one-piece needle and needle cap, which lowers the risk of contamination. It has more power, and is more precise with minimal vibration


Intelligent Digital System
The most state-of-the-art technology today is the computerized digital intelligent system.  This system does not intimidate the client, because is silent, has a excellent power, steady precision with minimal vibration and with the computer “brain” the settings for the needle speed and depth can be individualized for each person’s skin type and texture.

Topical Anesthetics

Topical anesthetics are specially developed as an over-the-counter (OTC) anesthetic for the tattoo and permanent cosmetics industries, and their contents levels are within the limits of the law. Topical OTC anesthetics have proven to be quite effective and are formulated with the most powerful non-prescription strength ingredients to ensure the clients feel more comfortable throughout the entire process.

The anesthetics come in the form of creams, gel and liquid, easy to apply, safe and highly recommended for all permanent cosmetics procedures.

Lightening Gel, Spot Remover and Oxygen Lotion

Sometimes, one makes a mistake or an implanted color is not what is desired. Charme International has just the products for those situations.

Lightening Gel  results adequate for diminishing of implanted colors in the eyebrows, lips or tattoos on procedures done  6 months or less.

Spot Remover  is designed for an immediate correction.

Oxygen Lotion is recommended after the treatment with the above mentioned products to restore oxygen to the treated skin and to achieve a faster regeneration of the tissues.

Caution: Never use these products around the area of the eyes.  Damage to the eyes can occur.

Please contact us for a detailed catalog and pricing.




Best work on nipple/areola & capillary/camouflage

MAY 26-28, 2018
Best Western Kendall Hotel & Suites
8560 SW 124th Avenue
Miami, FL 33183

Telemundo 51 aired a news segment featuring Charme International. Watch it here.



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