Charme International has a large assortment of dermopigmentation equipment, accessories and other products, making it your “one stop” for all your permanent cosmetics needs.  A sampling of our products is shown. 


Intelligent Digital System
The most state-of-the-art technology today is the computerized digital intelligent system.  This system does not intimidate the client, because is silent, has a excellent power, steady precision with minimal vibration and with the computer “brain” the settings for the needle speed and depth can be individualized for each person’s skin type and texture.

Topical Anesthetics

Topical anesthetics are specially developed as an over-the-counter (OTC) anesthetic for the tattoo and permanent cosmetics industries, and their contents levels are within the limits of the law. Topical OTC anesthetics have proven to be quite effective and are formulated with the most powerful non-prescription strength ingredients to ensure the clients feel more comfortable throughout the entire process.

The anesthetics come in the form of creams, gel and liquid, easy to apply, safe and highly recommended for all permanent cosmetics procedures.

Lightening Gel, Spot Remover and Oxygen Lotion

Sometimes, one makes a mistake or an implanted color is not what is desired. Charme International has just the products for those situations.

Lightening Gel  results adequate for diminishing of implanted colors in the eyebrows, lips or tattoos on procedures done  6 months or less.

Spot Remover  is designed for an immediate correction.

Oxygen Lotion is recommended after the treatment with the above mentioned products to restore oxygen to the treated skin and to achieve a faster regeneration of the tissues.

Caution: Never use these products around the area of the eyes.  Damage to the eyes can occur.

Please contact us for a detailed catalog and pricing.

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